Irish tech sector experiencing explosion of job opportunities

It’s been one of those weeks again – one of those weeks where the Irish tech market has exploded with job opportunities.

This week saw job opportunities being announced by the boatful. Over 500 were announced in total, from smaller expansions (Blueface and OneSource) to massive growth (LinkedIn and Limerick IT).

And, speaking of LinkedIn, this week gave us a brief glimpse into what it’s like to work at the social media site. We spoke to Cliona Moulton, who had emigrated from Ireland, but recently returned for a job at LinkedIn Dublin.

Some of these job opportunities will be taken up by candidates moving to Ireland from abroad. This week, we discussed the results of a LinkedIn survey which stated that 18pc more professionals are moving to Ireland than are leaving.


The world is currently gearing up for the Hour of Code, a global, week-long event which aims to encourage programming enthusiasts of all ages, and all skill levels, to do some coding. We took a look at some of the events that will be on offer around Ireland.

Of course, coding isn’t just an hour-long, or even week-long, affair. Organisations like CoderDojo push the coding agenda year-round, encouraging children to dive into the world of coding. This week, it was announced that a group of MEPs have ordained themselves, informally, as ambassadors for CoderDojo, promoting computer coding skills to youngsters around Europe.

Finally, we turn to the grown ups, who are also having a good week when it comes to coding. This week, it was announced that global non-profit Women Who Code has welcomed it 50,000th member. Congratulations!

  1. 100 jobs at LinkedIn as Dublin HQ nears 1,000 employees
    LinkedIn’s five-year anniversary at its Dublin base has seen the social networking site closing in on the magic 1,000 employees, with 100 new roles to be filled at the company.
  2. New Limerick IT campus bringing jobs to engineering hub
    A new €3.5m campus development at Limerick IT that will focus on the teaching of precision engineering will create 100 full-time positions when it opens next year.
  3. Marketing manager who travelled EMEA drawn home to Dublin
    Cliona Moulton is a marketing manager at LinkedIn, developing content for the social media site’s Talent Connect event. She spoke to for the new Homecoming series, and talked about coming home, how LinkedIn helped her make the move, and how Dublin has changed since she left.
  4. BMS recruiting 400 for new biologics plant at Dublin facility
    BMS is expanding. The global biopharma company is growing operations, constructing a new manufacturing plant at the Cruiserath facility, Dublin. In line with this expansion, BMS will be hiring for 400 new roles between now and 2018. Lisa Cahill offers us a glimpse of what the company is looking for from candidates.
  5. Ireland is seeing a major surge in inbound talent, says LinkedIn
    Ireland continues to be a net beneficiary of international professional talent migration, with 18pc more professionals coming to Ireland than leaving the country in Q3 2015, according to new research from LinkedIn.
  6. A tale of two cultures – the widening gap in the war for talent
    The global war for talent is exposing a widening gap between not only pay and perks but ultimately values, and the very meaning of company culture is being misunderstood. The end question will be who can afford to care.
  7. Hour of Code? Try adding some Star Wars.
    Hour of Code, the initiative to encourage more people to get their programming learner hat on, has just kicked off in Ireland. But, did you know that Star Wars: The Force Awakens can lend a helping hand?
  8. MEPs to be European ambassadors for CoderDojo
    To boost the uptake of coding among the children of Europe, a number of MEPs have created an informal grouping to act as ambassadors for CoderDojo, the coding movement created in Cork four years ago.
  9. Women Who Code hits the 50,000 members mark
    The international non-profit organisation helping women to excel in technology careers, Women Who Code, has marked a major milestone by hitting the figure of 50,000 registered members worldwide.

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