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I Teach TEFL

We all dream of going overseas be it for travel or work!

I also want to be an expat!

As long as you are going to change your life and head overseas, shoot for the best. Make your dreams come true: live and work on a beautiful tropical island - Phuket!

It's far easier than you might think.

Young, Old, Ugly or Beautiful, Short or Tall, Male or Female - it doesn't matter – what does matter is that you are a Native English Speaker, be TEFL Certified and if you have a degree so much the better!.

The rest is easy.

Literally hundreds of people are here doing it - why not you?

Cruise our website - see what you can learn, if you want more information or have specifics questions, go to the contact us link and send us your request.

Even if you don't want to stay on in Phuket and your goal is to find work in other parts of Thailand or Asia, then Phuket is still a great place start and get your TEFL training – right here with I Teach TEFL!

Connect with us http://www.iteachtefl.org