Welcome to Jobseek

We are happy to announce our beta release of Jobseek.ie 

The development of this portal free to all potential employees is driven by an existing issue of long term unemployment. Our team  of professionals is coming from various backgrounds and is here to help both employees and employers to ease the process  of decisions making.

Jobseek.ie benefits to employees:

  • Unlimited resume database – in today’s job hunt scenario, the “one size fits all” resume mantra just does not pay off. You need to focus only on one specialization, because it keeps the resume simple, but effective. If you have interest or experience in different job functions or capacities, then you need to completely rethink your resume writing strategy and look at it as an asset with varying themes. This is an important issue to discuss because a lot of people tend to develop a background in at least three, or even more, thematic work areas as time and their careers progress. However, that does not mean you should put everything in a single resume.
  • Growing database of employers – find graduate employers. See who is recruiting, what graduate jobs and careers they have available.
  • Job alerts – candidate can edit profile, manage resumes, view jobs applied, bookmarked jobs and manage job alert.
  • Apply for jobs in 3 flexible ways – candidate can apply for jobs by uploading CV, choosing from their online resumes on Jobmonster or apply via Linkedin
  • Responsive design of our portal – we care about every user and how they access to our job portal site. Jobseek.ie is tested thoroughly to keep its sharp look anywhere

Jobseek.ie benefits to employers: 

  • 4 exciting packages – Free, Featured, Premium, Enterprise to fit your requirements
  • Company profile management – employer can edit company profile, manage jobs, view and response to applications from candidates.
  • Customer representative assigned to Enterprise package customer

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